Louis Vuitton Trevi PM Handbag Review


The Louis Vuitton Trevi PM handbag is one of the best branded bags for everyday use. Not only is it ultra stylish but also has great functionality. The branded bag matches any occasion that you go to and any outfit that you pair it with. Versatile and chic, this bag has a distinctive design, rounded handles and extra long belt that makes it very easy to carry around.


The replica Louis Vuitton Trevi PM handbag has been made using very good quality leather that looks and feels authentic. The craftsmanship and material is so good that you can actually not tell the difference between the original and the replica.

The replica looks and feels authentic from every side and angle with all the important markings and embellishments that are indistinguishable from the original ones.

On the outside

On the outside the replica looks absolutely beautiful with the classic Damier Azur coated canvas. The bag has a pleated center that gives it a more spacious inside and lets you accommodate a lot of necessary things that you may need everyday.

The leather embellishments, the rounded leather handles and the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap have all been created with a lot of care to look like the authentic features of the bag. They also use the great quality leather that makes the bag look amazing.

The hardware of the replica LV bag, like the polished brass trimmings and the zipper closure, is also of good quality with each of the metal embellishments stamped with the brands name, giving a very authentic feel to the bag.

On the inside

The inside of the bag has a raspberry Alcantara lining with the perfectly embossed ‘Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France’. The replica also has the series code tag that the original contains. There is a flat zipper pocket, cell phone pocket as well as an open flat pocket inside the bag.

Surprisingly, some of the replica Louis Vuitton handbag also comes with all the necessary documents like booklets and cards like the LV receipt, the Louis Vuitton care booklet, the LV authenticity card, the LV tag and the famous LV dust bag.