Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Review

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas is the perfect bag for any city girl and depicts a distinctive design and comfortable feel. It has an authentic mix of Monogram canvas, natural cowhide leather trim and colored calf leather, all imperative to a Louis Vuitton bag.

The handbag is very functional and luxurious and is available in many color variations – Pink, Clementine, Amethyste, Pistache, Havane, Aurore, Cerise, Quetsche, Noir and Saffran.


The original Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas is 13.4” x 10.2” x 4.7” in dimension and has a rectangular shape with triangular sides that let the bag expand or contract depending on how much space you need inside.

The replica looks almost exactly the same in features, shine and texture and is supple and durable. The pattern on the bag too is exact, with an accurate imitation of the LV logo and flower motifs.


The original LV Pallas handbag features natural cowhide Toron Leather handles that are well rounded for a better and easier grip. They have also been sewn on the inside as this gives more robustness and a distinct arched shape. Another unique feature of the bag is that the inside margins of the handles are red color.

The replica too has the same type of Toron leather handles that look authentic and very close to the original handbag. The handles are attached using 2 rectangular thick metallic plates with the correct authenticity markings of the circled R, LOUIS VUITTON and PARIS engraved on different rows.

The Louis Vuitton Pallas replica handbag also has a removable and adjustable Monogram canvas shoulder strap. The gold buckle will let you perfectly adjust the length to suit you.

On the inside

On the inside, the original LV Monogram Pallas handbag features a delicate microfiber lining in the same color as the calf leather on the top part of the handbag.

The replica too features a smooth textile fabric that feels soft and looks genuine. The bag also replicates the 2 interior pockets that are perfectly placed for accommodating your things.

Authenticity markings

The most important factor about a replica that makes or breaks it, is the bags authenticity markings. The replica FV Monogram Pallas perfectly imitates all the LV logos with the most prominent being the one embossed on the upper part of the bag.

Just like the original, the replica handbag also has the circled R letter, LOUIS VUITTON and PARIS correctly written on it. On the inside, there is tab that correctly states LOUIS VUITTON, PARIS and Made in France. The tab is square and made of the same colored leather as the handles.

All the metallic hardware on the bag is also correctly stamped with the Louis Vuitton name and initials.


The stitching on the LV Monogram Pallas handbag does not stand out as the colors used are selected based on the same color toes of the bag itself.

The stitching on the replica bag has been done perfectly and does not have loose threads or bad stitching, with the threads being evenly spaced. The base of the bag is strengthened by stiches that run vertically on the outer sides and by an X shaped stitching in the center. The end of each stitched X also has a gold metallic stud.

Gold hardware

While most large totes are perfect handbags for any woman, many seem to only come with a snap closing tab or hook that is inconvenient as there isn’t any safety for your belongings in the bag. The LV Pallas Monogram, however, has a zipper closing system.

The replica too copies this impeccably and has a durable double zip closure in beautifully crafted gold metal that looks very made and is thick and sturdy.

Apart from the zip, the four base studs too are made with well-crafted gold colored metal and each piece of hardware is stamped with Louis Vuitton name or initials.