How To Differentiate Between A Replica Handbag And An Original Handbag


Designer handbags can be extremely costly and so many fashion conscious people opt to buy replicas of these branded items. Whether you are in the market to buy an original or a replica, you should know how to differentiate between them.

Here are some helpful instructions to differentiate between the two:

1. Price

We all know buying an original braded handbag can cost a lot of money, so when you see a seller claiming to have the original item at a much lower cost, you should check the product’s authenticity.

2. Certificate of authenticity

All original handbags come with a certificate of authenticity to let buyers know of whether it is the real deal or not. If the seller does not have such a certificate, then the item could be a replica.

3. Label

Many replica handbags may look almost exactly the same as the original, but will have slight differences. Check the spelling of the brand on the label or any other printed materials to ensure its authenticity.

4. Material

Replica handbags may look just like the original ones but will have a difference in quality of the material used to make it. Inspect the handbag for staining, stiffness, cracks or any other kind of defects. Designer handbags are made with the best materials and so they generally have any of these imperfections.

5. Stitching

Examine the stitching on the handbag to ensure that it is evenly spaced and runs perfectly straight on the inside and the outside. Each stich should have very little space between them and the same space should be used throughout.