How Are Replica Handbags Different?


People choose to buy replica handbags over the originals for various reasons like money, practicality and availability. Due to this there is a big market for the production and selling of replicas, but keep in mind not all replicas are the same.

Replica handbag vs. original handbag

A replica handbag has almost all the features of the original including the same marks, stamps and branding. A well made replica looks almost exactly like the real thing, and it is quite diffeent to distinguish it from an original. 

The main difference between the two is the quality of the materials used to make the bag. Since the price is lesser, the materials used will be cheaper. For example, replicas will use gold-plated features instead of real gold ones, the leather used won't be as supple or soft.

Good Replicas vs. Bad Replicas

Just because a bag is a replica does not mean that it has to look cheap and substandard. A good replica bag will be created with better quality materials and will cost about 20 percent of the original bag's price. Extremely well made replica bags may even cost a few hundred dollars.

A bad quality replica on the other hand may only be about only $25 and will be constructed with cheap materials that don't have any durability. If you don’t want other to know you own a replica and not an original handbag, this might not be the best option for you.