Hermes Birkin Replica Review


Every woman who has even the slightest interest in fashion or bags knows what a Hermes Birkin bag is. The Hermes Birkin Togo is one of the most iconic and coveted bags due to its ultra classy design and the brand’s name is synonymous with luxury and wealth.

The Birkin brown leather and silver hardware version of the Hermes Birkin Togo range of bags is the most well known version one of my favorite handbags in the whole wide world. The bags key characteristic is its unique square shape, distinct double handles and belt like pull closure.

Shape, size and features

This Hermes Birkin Togo replica handbag has been made using very good quality leather that is sturdy and lets the bag stand firm. The closing and opening of the bag is quite complicated and so it takes sometime to adjust to it. The bag itself is very roomy and has enough place to accommodate all of your important things, just a large size bag would.

The handles of the replica have been made using the same high quality leather and this gives them a great long shape. The stitching and roundness of the handles is surprisingly well done and very close to the original.

On the inside

Inside the replica, there is a small pouch pocket. Unfortunately, this pocket is very small and does not really fit a lot of things inside it. There are no other pockets or zips that will enhance the usability and functionality of the bag. The replica is just a large sized bag, which has been created to near perfection when it comes to the design and brand name.

On the outside

On the outside of the bag there are no extra storage features, but just the double leather pull handles that close with the help of the clasp. Just like the original, the replica Birkin has been imitated to almost perfection with all the important design particularities.

The replica Hermes has been crafted and sewn very well, on the inside as well as the outside. The only thing that thing that puts a damper on the great craftsmanship is the use of white stitching. The original has a brown stitching and this inaccuracy in color is the only thing that will give away its identity of a replica. The pattern and space between the stitches matches the original exactly.

The replica bag has all the authenticity marking like the original. ‘HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE’ is written in three different rows, with the correct accent on the second ‘E’. Also, like the original, the entire writing is printed in silver color and is highly legible.

Another important marking is at the end part of the closing belt and this too has been engraved correctly with legibly written ‘HERMES PARIS’.

The Hermes replica’s hardware is solid stainless steel that has a high quality shine. It looks a lot like the original Hermes bags’ hardware. The little iconic look looks perfectly crafted and of good quality.