Gucci Soho Replica Review


The Gucci Soho is the newest addition to the original Gucci website and the bag has a unique style with superior functionality, so it makes for a great branded bag. The bag has been designed using simple lines, a few aesthetic embellishments and a very versatility style. It is a great example of a contemporary bag that caters to fashion and functionality.

Features and size

The Gucci Soho bag’s most distinguishing feature is the embossed interlocking G letters that make the logo on the front of the bag and the tassel embellishments. The replica also has this iconic logo but it is slightly different. The G letters should be narrow but they are rounder and more spaced than the original.

The bag is very spacious and is available in 2 sizes – large and medium. The large bag measures 16.5” W x 14.2” H x 8.3” D, whereas the medium measures 13.8” W x 11.4” H x 6.7” D. The medium bag seems to be big enough to carry everything that you need, and the large is actually slightly bigger than necessary.

The original bag is available only in metallic leather, regular leather, metallic python leather and denim and so when buying the replica bag you have to make sure that you are selecting any one of these materials. Most of the replicas in the market are available only in a brown ebony canvas.

The replica bag’s handles have an option of leather or metallic chains. The canvas fabric looks and feels authentic and has a firm and smooth texture.

Shape and detailing

There are a few differences between the original bag and the replica when it comes to the shape. The original one has a rectangular shape, a wider base with slightly contracted sides and neat creases. A double-stitched line outlines the outside margins of the bag. The replica on the other hand, does not have this distinct shape and stitching details and is just a square shaped bag.

On both the original bag’s sides there is a double-stitched margin, on the top of which are 2 rectangular leather connecting to a metal ring that holds the handles. The replica bag has the tabs sewn on the body itself and they look thicker and smaller. The quality of the leather, though, is quite good and the leather handles too have a decent length and are arched.

The leather tassel is another detail that distinguishes the replica from the original bag. Located on metal rings, this tassel is also made using the same type of leather as the rest of the bag. And again, if you do not choose one of right materials and pick the brown ebony, it will be easy to tell that it’s a replica. However, the design of the tassel is imitated very nicely.

On the inside

The original Gucci Soho is lined with a beautiful natural beige cotton linen and the replica too surprising has the same lining and color. 

Inside the bag there is also a zip pocket and 2 smart phone pockets. The original doesn’t have a zip closure and uses a hook closing system instead. The replica on the other hand has a center pocket that isn’t featured in the original and this separates the bag into two sections. The replica also has a zipper as closure for the bag.

Similar to the original bag, the replica too has a leather tab under the inside zipper pocket, which is embossed with the circled capital R letter, ‘GUCCI’ and ‘made in Italy’, each written in a separate row.

The Gucci Soho authentic bags have silver and gold colored metal hardware and each has the Gucci name or logo. The replica uses yellow gold hardware that looks quite authentic and is also has the brand’s name.