Commonly Asked Questions When Buying A Replica

Buying a replica is no easy task. From finding a trustworthy vendor to making sure your replica looks great and is just like the original bag is nothing less finding the perfect soul mate.

There may be many questions in your head about the replicas and how to buy them. Before you finalize on your choice you need to make sure of the following.

1. Which brand bag should I buy?

When you have to pick the brand of the replica you are buying, there are a few things that you should first consider. While there are good quality replica handbags available for all the brands, it isn’t possible that every model of each brand will be available.

This is why it is a good idea to pick handbags that are more popular. For instance, the bags that we see celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Cara Delavigne

Carry will be more likely to have replicas of good quality than bags that are not so popular.

This is because of the demand and supply relationship and vendors are more likely to focus on latest and popular design like a Hermes Birkin than lesser known and used bags like a Fendi Baguette.

2. Do all replicas look good?

If you aren’t open about the fact that you are carrying a replica handbag, you may be worried about people judging you and wondering whether you really are using an original bag or not. That feeling can be a nightmare!

Most of the replicas are produced in countries like China and Korea, and most of the vendors are selling shoddily created pieces. But if you want to ensure buying the best replica, then the only key lies in buying your bag from a reputed seller.

Research thoroughly before investing in your bag. Look at store and online website reviews. Make sure that you aren’t falling for a scam deal and getting horribly constructed handbags made with bad quality materials.

Your whole perception of owning a replica can change if you buy from the perfect seller and get a handbag that is beautifully crafted. In recent years, there are many great online vendors who are consciously creating good quality replicas and ship them anywhere in the world. These are so well crafted that unless you bring out a ruler and authentication papers, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

3. What should be my first buy?

If you are new to buying replica handbags and want to test waters without getting ripped off, buy something smaller first before you place your handbag order. Once you zero in on the website you want to buy from, first place an order for a wallet or a wristlet. This way you can check the quality of the products that the store offers.

Check the materials used, stitching and similarities to the original product. Once you have established the authenticity, you can go in for purchasing the replica handbag of your choice. This will save you quite a bit of money and also save you from being scammed.

4. How do I figure out the quality of my replica?

Replica handbags can be found all over in various stages of quality. Some might look just like the original handbag, while some look cheap and trashy. Most of the websites use codes that denote the quality of the products using A's and +'s.

AAA+ means that the replica handbag is of average quality. It may copy all the features of the bag but doesn’t have that high quality feel and exuberance that original branded bags have.

AAAAA is supposed to be the same quality as that of a 1:1 replica. A 1:1 is also called a mirror image.

One to One is considered the same as counter quality.

Original Leather is also considered the same as counter quality.

Counter Quality is supposed to be the best kind of replica that is available in the market. Chinese sellers consider this kind of a replica to be so well made that it can be kept at the counter of the brand it is copying, hence the name. The craftsmanship and leather quality of the handbag are excellent and it looks exactly like the branded bag in terms of looks, quality and feel.

There are a few more codes used to describe the quality of the replicas sole. These are like ‘seven stars’ etc. and may be deceptive. It is best to ask the seller about the quality in terms of ‘A’. But, at the end of the day, what is received in your parcel is what you will get regardless of what the seller mentioned in the handbag’s description. So, again, it is very important to choose your seller with a lot of research and scrutiny.

If you have any more tips about buying replica bags, please leave a comment! You can also share your experiences and let other users know about your beautiful replica handbags.