The Christian Dior Lady Cannage Bag Review

The Lady Dior Cannage handbag has a rich history, with Princess Diana its first owner and the bag’s association with royalty and grace. It is coveted by every woman on earth and has been a fashion statement for the longest time.

The original Dior handbag

The Christian Dior Lady Cannage Bag is a stylish and graceful tote bag that has been made using smooth lambskin leather with the bag’s surface designed with geometric quilted motifs.

The bag is available in different sizes – mini, medium, large and extra large, but the most functional and practical choice for most women is the medium size.

An important character of the original Lady Dior bag is the smoothness of the leather. It has been made form very delicate lambskin leather that has a refined glow and is stitched in the iconic cannage pattern.

For those who don’t know about the cannage patterns: cannage is a special kind of flat quilting that is used by luxury purse brands to give some extra originality and elegance to the bag’s overall look. This pattern on bags is not limited to leather handbags, but can also be found on bags made of denim, suede, patent leather, satin, lamb skin, ostrich, calfskin and crocodile.

Replica – features and design

The Lady Dior Cannage replica has also been made using soft lambskin leather that has the famous cannage pattern on it. The leather may not be as high quality as the original, but look and feels almost the same and is smooth to touch. The bag is well structured and has a square shape. Due to the robustness, the bag can stand firm on its own. 

Like the original handbag, the double handles have been created using rolled leather and have stitching on the outer part to give it a definite arched shape. The handles are attached to the bag with two large silver rings. The same silvery metal stamps reinforce the holes where the rings go and these have the CD initials on them.

A distinctive Christian Dior feature on the handbag is the DIOR charm. Each letter is well crafted in sturdy silver metal and the charm is attached to the bag on one of the handles. The letter ‘O’ is bigger than the rest, just as on the original.

The Christian Dior Lady Cannage replica handbag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and the bag is shut using a silver zip closure. The original bag has the zip closure for only the medium and large sizes and the mini has a top flap closure.

The Christian Dior replica has high quality hardware in silver color attached to it. All the hardware is very well crafted and each of them is stamped with the CD logo. The wide rectangular base of the bas has four metallic feet studs as well.

Replica – on the inside

The original Lady Dior bag has a signature jacquard lining on the inside and the logo of the brand is woven into the material. The lining is usually the same color as the outside of the bag, but the classic models like this one have a beautiful red colored lining.

The replica too has the same red lining that is not too shiny or outlined. It looks very similar to the original bag’s inside.

The interior leather tag is supposed to be the same color and fabric as the outside of the purse and should be rectangular with 1-inch width. The replica too has this authenticity mark and it is placed under the interior zip pocket. The tag has all the outside margins stitched in straight and perfect lines, but only the top of the tag is attached to the bag’s lining, allowing you to lift it and read the code embossed behind. The tag reads ‘Christian Dior’, ‘PARIS’ and ‘Boutique’ on three rows.