Celine Phantom Satchel Review

The Celine Phantom Satchel is a popular bag all around the world as its unusual winged shape is different and looks very flattering.  The bag is the perfect example of style, luxury, usability and versatility.


The original Celine Phantom Satchel comes in two different sizes of large (35x24x31cm) and small (35x30x24cm).

The most important detail about this coveted bag is the quality and smoothness of the leather it is made with. The leather is extremely delicate and soft, letting the bag’s ‘wings’ fold in naturally. Make sure that the replica you buy also has softer leather used, as no original Celine bag will ever have robust fabrics used on it.

Depending on the year that your bag was manufactured, the bag’s base may or may not have four metallic studs at the bottom. The original also does not have any stitching across its base, so make sure the replica you are buying has this authentic feature as well.

The handles of the bag measure about 4.5-5 inches and have a very elegant and distinct arch to them. 

The front of the bag has the Celine logo is stamped and not printed, just like the original. It correctly read ‘CELINE PARIS’ with an accent on the first ‘e’. The letters are clearly defined and printed properly.

The front pocket of the bag has a square shape and is as wide as the bag’s handles. It has a braided leather tassel attached at the end of the zipper. Make sure that the replica has a distance of half an inch between the pocket’s lower stitching and the base, as this is an important feature of the authentic handbag.

The stitching on the bag has to be of the same color as the color of the bag. It should also be perfectly spaced and follows its every line and shape.

The original Celine Phantom Satchel Handbag has clear yellow gold colored hardware, whereas the replica bag uses metal hardware that is silver in color.

On the inside


The inside of any Celine Phantom Satchel uses suede cloth and it matches the color of the bag. Just like the outside, the interior suede material is also very smooth to touch and looks refined. A bad quality replica can easily be found out by just looking at the interior of the bag.

The bag only has one zipped pocket on the inside. It has leather trimmings on it that match the exterior of the bag and it is stamped with ‘Made in Italy’.

The pocket of the original purse has an important authenticity mark, which most replicas do not have. The date code is written on a leather tab that is placed inside the pocket.